VTA Point of Sales has came with features that have been adapted to the conditions of existing retail business in Indonesia, where these features are capable to provide informative and usefull reports. 

VTA POS can produce a more focused management that is in
accordance with the business climate in Indonesia.  Hopefully, VTA Point of Sales can provide solutions to entrepreneurs who are about to or already run a retail business.

VTA trading is designed with features that have been standarized to be used by a variety of distribution companies in Indonesia. With features That can help your business by Providing useful information.

VTA Trading focused on management that is accordance with the Distribution.  Hopefully VTA Trading System brings solutions to entrepreneurs who are about to or already run a Distribution business.

Salary is a fixed compensation periodically paid to a person for regular work or services. Payroll holds a very important role regarding the continuity of a company. To resolve payroll problems that may arise, it needs a structured payroll system. However, there are countless companies that still use manual payroll system, resulting in an unfocused  control of elements such as payroll benefits, reimbursement, and others.

PT.Vitech Asia introduces VTA Payroll System, an attendance and payroll application, that provides a better surveillance of attendance and payroll employees. VTA Payroll System offers flexibility in controlling the situation of certain payroll data from employee records, recruitment, payroll and PPH 21, allowances, refunds (reimbursement), calculation of taxes, insurance and others.


Documents, archives or other data is a job of responsibility that must always be maintained, cared for and protected because it has inherent values to the memory that will be centered (reference) in certain things at the moment of decision.
However, documents, records and data management increases overtime in accordance to the development of organizational activities and business activities, therefore, managing these archives is difficult.
PT.Vitech Asia introduces VTA Electronic Filling System, contained with document management application, files and web-based data integration, where all existing data will be stored in digital form, making it easier to search.


VTA fixed assets Management System is a web-based applications that is designed for your convenience in monitoring and management of critical assets on your company.

All transactions that occurred from the monitoring company's assets. Such as planning, purchasing, maintenance and depreciation until the removal will be centralized into a single database.


VTA HRMS is a webbase application of human resource management, designed to provide comfort in monitoring the performance and to conduct evaluations as well as the basis for management decision making in improving the welfare of its employees.

VTA LIBRARY is a Web-based library application System that is applicable to installed on the local network (intranet) or internet. VTA LIBRARY is suitable to implemented on schools both public and private ranging from elementary, junior high, high school up to university and the same level. By applying the VTA LIBRARY School / University will easily provide useful information  needed by student, because the search of books can be easily done by using keywords based on the title of the book, abtract or a table of contents book.

Website is another form of mass media published through the Internet. Websites can be accessed 24 hours from any hemisphere unhindered by distance and time, so anyone who wants to obtain information about the organization (institution), could just visit your website. Another advantage of the publication through the website is interactive and distribution capabilities very quickly.
Vitech Asia work together with educational institutions in order to increase the credibility of the education by launching a web-based Content Management System for schools.

VTA Sistem Informasi Administrasi Kependudukan (Population Administration Information System) is an information system based on procedures which has been regulated in Presidential Decree No. 88/2004 on Management of Population Administration and Permendagri No. 18/2005 about Population Administration, SIAK used to aimed arrange and achieved an orderly and administrative documents in the field of population.

VTA SIMPEG is a program that allows data collection for each civil servant to record ongoing changes and store it in one set of data (called a database). From that database, it can be used as data sources in the administration of employment and output that can be used as information to assist policy-making personnel.

VTA ARSIP is a document management application or electronical file that helps manage the archives of the original manual-based and hardcopy form, into a file management and information technology-based electronic or digital form. This application is also equipped with storage management that includes document security system based on user access rights and the management of borrowing circulation documents.

These documents (or letters) should be stored or archived. Over time, the documents and letters are increasing in terms of amount and type. Therefore, it needs a good archival management.

VTA DMS is a Database Management System that aims to manage database to perform utilization and manage large amounts of data and simplify the data manipulation. These data are contained usually in the form of accounting data, human resources and other customer support systems. DATABASE is a very important part in supporting the back office of a company.


Content Management System (CMS) provides best solution for a company or enterprise with an affordable cost. CMS has simple integration solutions as well more advance ecommerce solutions.

CMS is a friendly user application that allows changes and modifications to a website made via any web browser without the need to understand html or any other programming languages. CMS is built on a module that is created to extend and change over time.

CMS is quick and easy. The text editor, which is very similar to Microsoft Word, will allow user to make any changes on the pages and modify images. User can also cut and paste information from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. CMS will save user the time and cost in terms of training because anyone can be able to learn it quickly. Furthermore CMS can publish any information on the web in real time.

How It Works (basic explanation)

  • Content is added and saved through the user interface.
  • The web page is generated and published by the CMS.
  • The web page URL gets listed in the web site navigation menus.
  • All index pages and navigation menus get updated automatically.

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